China Is About to Regulate AI

and the World Is Watching

some studies and news reports claim the apps may offer different prices based on factors including ride history and the phone a person is using

On March 1, China will outlaw this kind of algorithmic discrimination as part of what may be the world’s most ambitious effort to regulate artificial intelligence. Under the rules, companies will be prohibited from using personal information to offer users different prices for a product or service.

Among other things, they prohibit fake accounts, manipulating traffic numbers, and promoting addictive content. They also provide protections for delivery workers, ride-hail drivers, and other gig workers.

A separate, but related, proposal aims to address “synthetic content,” an umbrella term encompassing fake news, synthetic audio, and deepfake images and videos, in which a person’s face is stitched onto someone else using AI

The Chinese regulations are far more ambitious than anything being considered on a national level in the US, which has generally taken a hands-off approach to AI.