Living the Dream

We're constantly bombarded about the amazing lives other people live. People share on social networks, the amazing new job they just landed, their latest vacation to paradise, or their latest fancy clothes or toys. They seem to be living the dream life, which makes us feel like we're missing something.

The reality is that these people feel exactly like we do when they compare themselves to whoever they believe is living the dream life. Instead, we should try to think a bit more about others who aren't as lucky as we are. Having lived in Guatemala most of my life, I'm well aware of what extreme poverty looks like. I know that many of them would be more than happy to live my life. 

I can also think about previous stages in my own life when I was a lot more misfortunate. If I could tell my younger self about the people in my life, the places where I've lived and traveled, and the kind of work that I've done, he'd probably not believe me.

Keeping these thoughts in mind, helps me realize that I'm already living the dream life. This of course doesn't mean I cannot have bigger goals, it just means that I don't need to feel miserable or unsuccessful in any way because I'm satisfied with what I currently have.