Programming the Universe: A Quantum Computer Scientist Takes on the Cosmos

by Seth Lloyd

By naming things — by assigning meaning to words — we introduce artificial distinctions that fail to capture the underlying wholeness of the universe

Nature can never be completely described, for such a description of nature would have to duplicate nature
— Archie Bahm

The perfect description of the universe is indistinguishable from the universe itself.

Paradigms are highly useful. They allow us to think about the world in a new way

Perhaps the most important new insight afforded by thinking of the world in terms of information is the resolution of the problem of complexity.

The complexity of a computation is equal to the number of elementary logical operations that must be performed in the course of the computation.

No one is an island. Every human being on Earth is part of a shared computation
— john Donne

What makes us unique is information … We are made of atoms, like everything else. It is the way that those atoms process information and compute in concert that makes us what we are. We are clay, but we are computational clay.