Social Networks

I used to like social networks a lot. For me, social networks were a way to experience many aspects of life that I wasn’t lucky enough to experience in person.

For example back in the day it felt amazing to be able to chat with your favorite bands on MySpace. Talk to other musicians about how they would play a certain song and he equipment they used. I also had the same experience on Twitter when I was building my career as a software developer. Many people influenced me in a positive way thanks to these services.

However, when I have a conscious look on social networks, I realize they are also the source of many problems I didn’t have before. Ads, for example, can be annoying in the best case, and effective in the worst case. The fact that they are programmed to become addictive makes us waste lots of our precious time in them. And worst of all, they are an easy way to spread disinformation.

All of this issues are harmful for us as individuals and society, and I think we need to reduce the time we spend using social networks significantly if we don’t manage to find ways to dramatically improve them.