Just like in Switzerland the company that sponsored my visa initiated all the process. I don't remember the name of the visa I got but it was something related to "skilled workers" since I don't have a university degree and couldn't get a blue card.

At the same time that I applied for my visa, we applied for a family reunification for my wife. This time they demanded that she'd have at least an A1 level in German, before she could get it. I don't see the reason for this kind of limitations even if I believe it's always better to try to adapt and integrate to the local community one lives in. My point is that they could have asked her to do that once in Germany. On the other hand, what was very positive is that the state gave her very cheap lessons so she eventually got all the way to B2 level. This time again the visa was a living and working visa, which includes studying, what she ended up doing during most of our stay there.